Supply Chain Management

Get ready to revolutionise your supply chain management system with a custom solution that works with your current system, costs less and increases your revenue!

Our product proposition

AI Prediction Analysis

Yunotrace's AI sensors along with its blockchain service are a powerful tool that can analyse data points throughout the supply chain and help to identify redundancies, plug loopholes, and predict supply and demand among many other points that add value to your company's bottom line.

Blockchain Application

Our proprietary blockchain application utilises document initialling to create trust and transparency throughout the supply chain and decreases cost by reducing the coordination and validation in the value chain.

ESG Compliance

By accurately measuring and managing the energy and water consumption along the entire supply chain, companies can plug holes and become more ESG compliant than ever before!

Use Cases

AI in Supply Chain

Efficient utilisation of AI in supply chain management can lead to automation across departments such as warehousing, logistics, inventory management, etc. as well as provide detailed analytics for predictive forecasting.

Blockchain in Supply Chain

Blockchain technology such as Yunotrace helps to drastically reduce the risk of certain supply chain disruptions deriving from human error, fraud, data loss and operational risks even as it increases your company's overall profits.

ESG in Supply Chain

Being ESG efficient means contributing to a greener and cleaner world for everyone and is a meaningful way to showcase meaningful change created by your business for the globe.