About us

Yunometa is a Web3 tech firm based out of Singapore and India that solves real-world challenges of our clients through innovative blockchain and metaverse solutions developed by global talent


The Web 3.0 world is constantly changing and adapting to consumer and corporate requirements. We seek to chart new paths with our revolutionary ideas and our strong team to become global leaders in ushering the new world for our clients. Let’s build the future together.


We envision to usher in organizational efficiencies, reduce costs and malpractices and leave behind a greener planet for the future through our array of technological services using cutting-edge features

Quick Innovation

We are abreast of the latest and most efficient technologies, leading us to work on the most up-to-date version of products and services we provide.

Bold & Agile Team

Our global team loves a good challenge and is always looking at innovative ways to solve problems, making it highly unlikely that you would get two similar solutions to any problem.

Aggressive Collaboration

We work closely with clients and are not afraid to ask questions to determine the scale and scope of our working relationship so we can deliver nothing but the best.

Core Team

From a global celebrity in the form of Vijay Amritraj to India’s biggest name in the blockchain space and wealth creators with proven track records, Yunometa has one of the most diverse and distinct teams in the Web3 world.

Awards and Recognition

  • Leadership Award for Strategy and Innovation
    (Anuj Garg)
  • Technical Excellence Award
    (Anuj Garg)
  • Service Delivery Quality Award
    (Anuj Garg)
  • IBM Certified Blockchain Consultant
    (Anuj Garg)

Videos Featuring Core Team