Process Audit

Discover efficiency through process audits. Identify bottlenecks, enhance workflows, and elevate quality for optimal business performance.

Our Primary Objectives

Improving Operational

Improving Operational efficiency through process reengineering and Process mapping.

Incorporation of revalidation process

Incorporation of revalidation process for Process Improvement

Process Improvement

Cause wise loss analysis for Process Improvement

Key Findings by our team with over 20 years of experience in Operational Excellence

Verbal communication fosters a communication gap and hampers process improvement. Assigning losses to individuals, not processes, skews accountability. Divergent interpretations of RCA and OEE create discrepancies at management levels.

Verbal communication

Verbal communication leads to communication gap and inadequate process improvement


People don’t fail processes do (losses or deviations are assigned to identities)

Root Cause Analysis

Deviation in interpretation of Root Cause Analysis at Management Authority levels

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