Our Portfolio

We are always striving to create unique offerings with custom solutions for our partners and our biggest project is proof of exactly that

Chennai Open NFT & Metaverse

Yunometa achieved a milestone with WTA Chennai Open 2022 by creating over 5000 NFTs for tennis fans and built a virtual stadium for them. Our team collaborated with Tamil Nadu Tennis Association and launched Asia’s first metaverse event that was cheered by thousands of tennis aficionados across the world. These collectibles include tennis balls with a metallic core, player jerseys, tennis shoes, umpire chair, and much more.

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Our Wide Range of NFTs

The Chennai Open Collection is an unique collectible series for tennis fans. These 5000 Lootboxes hold 12K collectible items dedicated to the tennis world.

The Chennai Open Metaverse

Yunometa's pioneering work in the metaverse space for WTA Chennai Open 2022 was lauded by fans, media and tennis players across the globe.