What we do

Yunometa envisions your company’s problem areas and empowers you with solutions that will future-proof your brand using cutting-edge technology and tools to reach your target audience. We transform your vision into Web3 reality.

Our Solutions

As a leading Web3 company, our offerings span the entire spectrum of new digital technologies to add efficiency and reduce costs for businesses. These include but are not limited to the following.

Smart Contracts

We can help create trust between different companies across the world or even inter-departmental efficiencies through the use of secure smart contracts

Blockchain Implementation

Our solutions can help HR, marketing, finance, operational and logistical roadblocks facing your company, among others, through blockchain

AR/ VR Solutions

From retail solutions to healthcare, training programs and more, our AR/ VR solutions can help you save costs using these innovative new technologies

NFT Auctions, Creation And Monetisation

With NFTs, we create new revenue models for your existing brands that consumers love as well, creating a win-win proposition for everyone

Metaverse Creations

We can help your brand reach an entire new audience in the Metaverse with celebrities and sports stars for company

Community Building

Leverage your community's strength and earn monies by giving them exactly what they need through our community-building service