Delve deep into the realm of Yunometa.

At Yunometa, we want to ensure that everyone can make the most of the metaverse and join the growing digital-art-cum-currency community: Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

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Our Vision

  • To enable meaningful connections between artists, celebrities and fans with compelling NFTs and help artists build their legacy
  • To help the world’s greatest brands connect and engage with their audience
  • To create a spectacular metaverse that facilitates the meeting of avatars, a world of unlimited events, experiences, concerts and festivals

Our Mission

To be the melting pot for digital creators, brands and collectors and make NFTs accessible to every netizen.

We collaborate with leading celebrities, artists and brands to create exclusive, limited edition NFTs for the Yunometa platform. You, too, can join us!

We will announce the opening of every collection, and it will be available for a limited period of time. Multiple artists and brands will be able to drop their collections simultaneously and you will have a wide variety to choose from, at any given point in time.

Unlike other marketplaces, our collectors have varied backgrounds and hail from all walks of life. They are not limited to a background in cryptocurrency.


  • Poor user experience across marketplaces
  • Copyright infringement of digital assets
  • Limited product choices
  • No interoperability between various blockchain platforms
  • Limited support for customer wallet management


  • A seamless marketplace experience, which makes it easy to sell and collect
  • Copyright protection for digital assets
  • The most comprehensive and eclectic collection of NFTs, by a varied range of artists and brands
  • Interoperability across various blockchain platforms
  • An immersive experience via our mall in the metaverse


  • We are based in Singapore
  • Our proprietary marketplace is developed by London based firm
  • Access to a global talent pool of digital artists
  • Production done by Hollywood and Indian entities
  • Compelling storytelling and community building, supported by Luna PR (the best global PR firm)